5 Fundamentals of Lawn Care for Noblesville, IN Homeowners to Take On

For new Noblesville homeowners, managing the lawn may seem a bit overwhelming as it often involves some knowledge of plant-soil-climate compatibility, plus a heavy dose of backbreaking work. If you have just moved to your Noblesville, Indiana home and have been thinking about sprucing up your lawn, here are the basics lawn care tips for you.


1. Conduct a soil test

Know the condition of your soil. You can buy your own test kit from lawn and garden centers or submit a soil sample to a USDA extension office nearby. The results will determine for you the type of grass and plants to use. You can brush up on how you can prevent the spread of diseases on the plants and how to control weeds. Your know-how should also include keeping insects away without using harsh chemicals, and resolving issues such as bald spots on your lawn.

2. Find the grass that match

Consult a lawn care professional to determine the type of grass that fits the climate and the soil in your area. Using the right grass type means you’ll spend less on maintenance costs to keep them plush. Learn about the type of care the grass needs, including watering and fertilizer guidelines.

3. Let the essentials in

A compacted soil prevents air, water, and nutrients from circulating properly, depriving the grass roots of breathing space to burrow in. To avoid this, perforate the soil with small holes (aeration) in areas of heavy traffic, as well as in spots where you notice thatch formation and soil layering. After aeration, plant the seeds, then cover with a lighter layer of moist soil. Never overdo watering as this invites disease and pests.

4. Add the beautifiers

A lawn is not complete without trees, shrubs and flowers. Consult a landscape artist or plan the setup yourself and then get to work. If you don’t have adequate experience with the proper planting methods, it’s never a waste to delegate the intricate work of landscaping to Noblesville, IN specialists, such as Dependable Lawn Care, LLC.

5. Schedule mowing

The schedule for grass trimming depends on the grass type, the time of year, and how often you water and fertilize. Set a calendar schedule for your mowing based on those factors. If you can’t keep up with the regular schedule, call a Noblesville, IN lawn care maintenance specialists who can offer an attractive package deal for a whole season of professional service.

A beautiful lawn instantly improves the air around your home and creates a visually appealing and calm (or exciting) façade that expresses the personality of the owners. Besides the cooling benefits 24/7, a well-maintained lawn also increases your home’s resale value.

(Source: How Often Should You Mow Your Lawn, Dummies.com)

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