Amid Strong Winds: Hire Tree Removal Services to Avert a Disaster

Last June saw a very wet summer in Indiana, with storms not only bringing record rainfall levels and flash floods, but also energy disruptions in almost every city, including Noblesville. The city wasn’t spared from the devastating effects of heavy rains and winds, including damages to power lines and trees that created risks to residents and passersby.

Amid Strong Winds

With weather experts seeing a long wet season, now is the best time to reconsider keeping that tree (or trees) on your lawn. While it may not show any immediate signs of damage after a storm, there could be small and unseen risks that may cause damage to your home. Conduct a closer inspection, and consider hiring tree removal services to rid your lawn of potentially dangerous trees.

What to Look For

You can easily spot tree limbs that are about to fall off, and when you do, immediately call professional services to have those limbs removed. These are accidents waiting to happen and should be avoided at all costs.

Additionally, inspect the tree for other areas of damage.  Check the trunks and roots, along with the limbs, crown, and remaining branches. If the winds have uprooted even just a part of the tree, or if the trunk has split down the middle, then the tree has to be removed. The same is true if the tree has lost more than half of its crown.

Also, look for wounds on the tree’s bark. Wounds that are proportionately too large for the tree’s limbs will likely not heal and leave the tree susceptible to diseases and infestations. These limbs should also be removed by the pros at once. Relatively smaller wounds should heal in a couple of years.

What You Should Do

If you think that a tree presents potential danger to your home, and the people and properties around it, or if you’re unsure if a tree may still heal from wounds and damages, call on companies like Dependable Lawn Care, LLC. The professionals can recommend what to do, and can perform the removal if necessary. Do not attempt to do the removal, or even to cut broken or wounded limbs off by yourself, as this can be very dangerous. You can also rely on these companies to provide the necessary lawn care to help restore the beauty of your lawn after a devastating storm.

Noblesville residents are no strangers to strong winds at this time of the year, but it’s best to be prepared for the worst. Consider doing away with a potentially dangerous tree before the next big storm comes.


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