Common Scenarios That Justify the Need for Professional Tree Removal

Trees are a highly desired feature on most properties, adding value, shade, ambiance and more to the space. Property owners may, however, require tree removal services from time to time for various reasons. Trees are often large features on a property, and they also have large root systems underneath the ground. Professional removal service is […]

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Property Maintenance: Three Reasons Regular Lawn Care Is Essential

When a customer approaches a building, the first thing that he or she will notice is how well the lawn or other outdoor space is maintained. If the building owner can’t even bother to mow the lawn or prune the bushes, what might the inside of the building look like? If you want to make […]

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Noblesville Lawn Care: Maintenance Gaffes to Avoid During Cold Season

You have a beautiful home, now you want to have the well-maintained landscape to go along with it. After all, what kind of Noblesville homeowner wouldn’t want to consistently have a welcoming outdoor living space? Now that winter is fast approaching, however, you need to avoid a few landscape maintenance mistakes that are so common […]

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Noblesville, IN Lawn Care: Pros and Cons of 4 Popular Turf Grasses

A beautiful lawn enhances the landscape, while a poor one diminishes it. More than their aesthetic value, well designed lawns also aid in erosion control, filter pollutants, supply oxygen, and provide ample space for activities. One of the most important components of a beautiful lawn is the lawn grass. That said, it’s important to choose […]

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Amid Strong Winds: Hire Tree Removal Services to Avert a Disaster

Last June saw a very wet summer in Indiana, with storms not only bringing record rainfall levels and flash floods, but also energy disruptions in almost every city, including Noblesville. The city wasn’t spared from the devastating effects of heavy rains and winds, including damages to power lines and trees that created risks to residents […]

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Can Landscaping Improve Your Home’s Value By a Considerable Amount?

Picture a choice of two different houses: one with a simple façade and one with an intricately landscaped front yard. If you chose the latter, you’re not alone. Lawn care companies, which offer landscaping services for residents in Noblesville, IN and elsewhere, exist for many reasons. One of these is to bring about the purported […]

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Quality Noblesville Lawn Care and Mulching for Beautiful Businesses

Reputations are built on first impressions and dependable lawn care in business establishments provides the best possible appearances to new and returning clients. Well cared for lawns and shrubbery indicate that even the smallest details are important to a thriving, successful business. Dependable Lawn Care Quality Noblesville lawn care requires attention and care to keep foliage and […]

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Professional Lawn Care in Noblesville, IN Helps You Enjoy the Outdoors

The exterior appearance of your home is just as important as the interior. Your yard is a gathering place for friends and family and a comfortable place where you can spend weekends relaxing at home. Lawn care in Noblesville, IN will not only help you have relaxing and beautiful landscaping, it could significantly increase the value of your […]

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Noblesville Tree Removal: Why Have Your Tree Removed from Your Lawn?

A home wouldn’t be complete without a tree that shelters everyone from the heat of the sun while adding beauty to the outdoors and improving the value of a property. However, while the benefits of a tree would certainly outweigh the risks of having it grow outside your lawn, there are times when a tree […]

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Noblesville, IN Lawn Care and Landscaping Can Help Homes Look Good

Your home includes more than just your house; the greenery of your lawn is included in the image that you’ll present to visitors. There’s nothing like dried-out grass or out-of-control foliage to give people the idea that you’re a negligent homeowner. Professional lawn care for Noblesville, IN homes ensures that visitors get a good impression. […]

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Customer Testimonials

I liked how I was able to call Dependable Lawn Care and have them take care of everything for us, rather than having to use multiple companies for different services. We are a busy family and we did not have time to take care of the yard and flowerbeds. When they came out they came out they were very professional and polite. I had them go ahead and do everything; they were at our house weekly and mow the yard and monthly for fertilizer and to maintain the flowerbeds. They removed any down tree limbs that had fallen throughout the year from stormy weather. We fully trusted them to do what was needed and they made sure our house looked beautiful every week. They also did the snow removal for us in the winter. All around great company and we look forward to working with them next season.

“We had Dependable Lawn Care come out to our house and give us some ideas on the landscape that was at the house we just bought. We wanted a clean new look to add some curb appeal. We had them rip out all of the landscaping that was there and replace it with a nice row of Boxwoods and a nice size Blue Spruce in the front we also had then install a retaining wall around the front flower beds and around the back patio for a nice clean look. We are very happy with the work and easy maintenance.”

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