Noblesville Lawn Care Tips: Keeping Lawn Moisture at an Ideal Level

Water is essential to keep your lawn at its best condition. Too much or too little of it can harm the grass, causing diseases or poor growth that makes it less likely to thrive in extreme weather conditions. Follow these watering pointers from Noblesville lawn care service providers for your lawn’s optimal health. Best time […]

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Noblesville Indiana Lawn Care Tips: Top 4 Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

Lawns serve as the backdrops that showcase every American family’s economic symbol: the home. Subdivision codes aside, homeowners feel the need to take lawn care pretty seriously. In fact, an Apartment Therapy article citing The Old Urbanist states that Americans spend about $40 billion on lawn care each year. Oftentimes, lawn maintenance mistakes take up […]

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Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists: When it’s Time to Let Your Tree Go

Trees are among the most majestic objects nature has ever created. They enhance your house’s appeal, protect you from the sun’s rays, and provide the oxygen you breathe. There may come a time, however, when the tree will begin to pose a danger to your home and other neighboring houses. In such a case, you […]

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5 Fundamentals of Lawn Care for Noblesville, IN Homeowners to Take On

For new Noblesville homeowners, managing the lawn may seem a bit overwhelming as it often involves some knowledge of plant-soil-climate compatibility, plus a heavy dose of backbreaking work. If you have just moved to your Noblesville, Indiana home and have been thinking about sprucing up your lawn, here are the basics lawn care tips for […]

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Quality Mulch in Noblesville: Choosing the Best Type for Your Lawn

Do you have a problem with weeds on your lawn, or do you simply wish to have a little change of scenery outside your home? Mulches can help you both in defending your precious lawn from weeds and in improving your garden’s landscape. Aside from protecting your lawn from weeds, mulch can also regulate your […]

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Reliable Noblesville, Indiana Lawn Care Helps Remedy Your Lawn Woes

Everyone wishes to have a healthy green lawn surrounding their home where they can freely ditch their shoes or slippers and just feel the grass on their bare soles. On the other hand, no one wants to see brown patches on their lawns, or even see dead or dying grass on their otherwise perfectly manicured […]

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Trust Noblesville Lawn Care Services for Tree Removal and Maintenance

Sometimes the only way to create the perfect lawn is to make sacrifices, which is something the officials of Ackerman Hills Course in West Lafayette, Indiana know too well. According to Purdue Sports, the golf course was closed in October 2014, and will remain so until the spring of 2016, to make way for major […]

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Landscaping and Lawn Care in Noblesville, IN Help Improve Your Health

Noblesville is among the fastest growing cities in Indiana and has a long-standing reputation as a perfect nurturing ground for business. Like other large and economically stable cities in the state, however, it is under threat of losing its natural scenery as a result of development and densification. Such a drastic change may have an […]

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Professional Tree Removal in Noblesville, IN Ensures a Thorough Job

Trees are an excellent part of any yard. They can improve your lawn by fighting soil erosion, providing a source of shade, and simply beautifying the whole area. However, it is sometimes necessary to remove them. An article by Certified Professional Horticulturist Virginia Williams for the University of Maryland’s College of Agriculture & Natural Resources […]

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Well-done Landscaping and Lawn Care for Noblesville, IN Help Impress

One of the first things that visitors see of a home is the lawn. What would they see if they looked at yours? As an example, Kristi York Wooten’s article for HGTV Gardens emphasizes how a lawn can be used to present the home owner’s personality to outsiders, giving a house a unique look: If […]

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Customer Testimonials

I liked how I was able to call Dependable Lawn Care and have them take care of everything for us, rather than having to use multiple companies for different services. We are a busy family and we did not have time to take care of the yard and flowerbeds. When they came out they came out they were very professional and polite. I had them go ahead and do everything; they were at our house weekly and mow the yard and monthly for fertilizer and to maintain the flowerbeds. They removed any down tree limbs that had fallen throughout the year from stormy weather. We fully trusted them to do what was needed and they made sure our house looked beautiful every week. They also did the snow removal for us in the winter. All around great company and we look forward to working with them next season.

I had Mike and his crew out to fix a large retaining wall that was falling down. They did a great job and got the project done in less time than I had anticipated. I would recomend to anyone needing a retaining wall repaired or replaced.

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