Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists use Rock or Mulch for Ground Cover

Similar to the debate about whether paper is better than plastic, landscapers are constantly questioning the use of either rocks or wood mulch as ground cover. Noblesville lawn care specialists have their reasons for utilizing either. In an article for, columnist Daniel Kuhl clarifies the uses of both materials for landscaping: “The purposes of […]

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Companies that do Lawn Care in Noblesville, IN Make Homes Inviting

Whether you’re selling your property or not, curb appeal is always a necessity. One of the main providers of curb appeal is definitely the lawn. It acts pretty much like a welcome mat for buyers, or a reflection of the homeowner’s personality. Lawn care in Noblesville, IN and other lush areas will definitely do wonders […]

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Professional Noblesville Lawn Care and Why You Need to Save Up for It

Building or purchasing a new home in Indiana and moving in it is one of the most exciting things a person or a family can go through. Just the experience of seeing your hard-earned money translate into a place you can call your own is something worth cherishing. Moving to a new place though, also […]

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Professional Lawn Care in Noblesville, IN: Form, Function and Safety

Summer is a time when kids love to play outside the house and run back and forth the backyard all day long. As parents residing in Indiana or in other parts of the country, there is nothing you would want than to ensure the safety of your kids even if they are within your home’s […]

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Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists Apply Mulch for Beauty and Function

Most homeowners know that mulching is an essential part of taking care of their gardens. In fact, the U.S. Department of Agriculture agrees that mulching is one of the easiest ways to protect plants and let them grow well in the garden. Mulch often acts as protection from soil erosion and help control pesky weed […]

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Winning the War against Weed through Noblesville, IN Lawn Care Experts

Plants and flowers aren’t the only ones blooming now that spring is here. Aside from all the gorgeous blossoms and bushes flourishing under the bright rays of the sun, there is also the bane of horticulture enthusiasts silently overtaking lawns: weeds. Lawn owners would want to keep a keen eye out for them as they […]

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Quick, Easy, and Effective Tips for Noblesville Lawn Care Enthusiasts

Spring is here and “green is in”. For most Noblesville homeowners, keeping their front yards lush is priority number one. However, while proper lawn care isn’t necessarily an easy job, the effort you have to put it can still be minimized. A short excerpt from a Courier Journal article further supports the previous statement. “Lawn […]

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Green Grass of Home: Ways to Save Money on Noblesville, IN Lawn Care

A nice, green, grassy lawn is a sight to behold every spring, which is why for a number of homeowners, lawn care in Noblesville, IN is a significant investment. The importance of lawn care among most American homeowners is further highlighted in this excerpt from Susan Johnston’s article for U.S. News: “As the weather warms […]

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Customer Testimonials

When we need something done around the house or yard, we call DLC first. They get the job done right every time and make us feel like we’re the most important client they have. DLC has consistently provided quality performance and professionalism for all of our house and lawn care needs, always finishing the job and making sure we are 100% satisfied.

I liked how I was able to call Dependable Lawn Care and have them take care of everything for us, rather than having to use multiple companies for different services. We are a busy family and we did not have time to take care of the yard and flowerbeds. When they came out they came out they were very professional and polite. I had them go ahead and do everything; they were at our house weekly and mow the yard and monthly for fertilizer and to maintain the flowerbeds. They removed any down tree limbs that had fallen throughout the year from stormy weather. We fully trusted them to do what was needed and they made sure our house looked beautiful every week. They also did the snow removal for us in the winter. All around great company and we look forward to working with them next season.

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