Can Landscaping Improve Your Home’s Value By a Considerable Amount?

Picture a choice of two different houses: one with a simple façade and one with an intricately landscaped front yard. If you chose the latter, you’re not alone. Lawn care companies, which offer landscaping services for residents in Noblesville, IN and elsewhere, exist for many reasons. One of these is to bring about the purported value boost that homes receive from a stellar landscaping job. Studies have shown proof of this, estimating that landscaping can add a good 12 to 15 percent to a home’s value if done correctly.


Experts from all over also back this up. Virginia Tech-based horticulturist Alex Niemiera says that a well landscaped home possesses a significant price advantage over a property with no stellar landscaping work whatsoever—an advantage ranging from a minor 5.5 percent to a good 12.7 percent. Converted into cash, this translates into an additional $16,500 to $38,100 into the price tag of a $300,000 home. Still, the question remains: how?

In terms of economics, it’s quite self-explanatory that a property’s value increases through landscaping upgrades. For example: a well-placed, properly sized tree can spice up a home’s appeal simply because it looks nice or smells good and promotes an overall feeling of peace. Furthermore, such a tree can aid HVAC costs by cooling the home when it’s a swelter, as well as provide additional recreation (since kids can play around or under it) or provide support for installing a hammock.

There’s more to landscaping than just planting colorful flowers in ideal areas. Whenever buyers look at a prospective home’s landscaping, they eye the sophistication in its overall design, followed by sound flora choices (namely, plants are chosen in the right sizes and maturity). Lastly, there’s the diversity of chosen plant life adoring the landscape design that satisfies a good chunk of most buyers’ criteria.

The American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) recommends that homeowners set aside about 10 percent of their home’s own value in landscaping. This make sense because in a fully-fledged landscaping job, it’s not always the plants that carry the day—there’s also structural features such as lighting, garden paths, ponds, fences and even outdoor rooms and decks. Simply do the math in all of those and it’s not strange to see a home’s value skyrocket.

Performing a landscaping job with companies such as Dependable Lawn Care LLC, which primarily serves Noblesville, IN and surrounding areas, is heavily dependent on tenure. What this means is that a landscaping project only makes sense if a homeowner will live in the house for the long term. There are a few hacks for those without long-term visions, though obviously they can’t look as good as a landscape tended to over the years.


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