Noblesville Indiana Lawn Care Tips: Top 4 Mowing Mistakes to Avoid

Lawns serve as the backdrops that showcase every American family’s economic symbol: the home. Subdivision codes aside, homeowners feel the need to take lawn care pretty seriously. In fact, an Apartment Therapy article citing The Old Urbanist states that Americans spend about $40 billion on lawn care each year. Oftentimes, lawn maintenance mistakes take up a huge chunk of the overall cost. Noblesville, IN lawn care experts typically warn homeowners to avoid these things when mowing their lawn.

Scalping. Mowing too short, such that the grass loses about two-thirds of its leaf blade, can harm its root system. Conversely, studies reveal that cutting the grass high lets the roots go deeper into the soil to absorb more moisture and nutrients. The healthier the grass, the more they are capable of outnumbering weeds that compete with them for nutrients. In addition, taller grass provides shade that prevents the water from evaporating too soon.

Cutting the grass when wet. Moisture weighs the blades down, making it hard to mow straight, resulting in an uneven cut. This also facilitates the spread of disease-carrying organisms. So ideally, you should mow the grass only when it’s dry. During the rainy season, though, it would be better to mow the grass wet rather than wait for it to grow too tall before cutting it dry.

Using a dull blade. A sharp blade is important for a clean cut and healthy lawn. Cutting grass sharply helps minimize water loss and improves photosynthesis, the process by which plants create their own food. A blunt cut leads to nutrient deficiency that adversely impacts your lawn’s health, often characterized by ragged, yellow ends on your grass that decreases its aesthetic value. If you see white leaf blade tissues exposed, it’s a sign your mower needs a tune-up.

Mowing in one direction repeatedly. Mowing your lawn in the same pattern all year can condition your grass to grow in a single direction that usually leaves patches for weeds and pests to occupy. In addition, this mowing habit may also cause you to miss or double mow areas, which can cause the turf to deteriorate. Mowing in varying patterns, on the other hand, helps the grass stand straighter and your entire lawn to look healthy and lush.

Lawn maintenance can be quite tedious, particularly when you don’t have enough time to study how to do it properly due to other more pressing demands. The good news is you can entrust this task to Noblesville, Indiana lawn care specialists like those of Dependable Lawn Care, LLC. These pros are equipped with expert knowledge and the right equipment to keep your lawn gorgeous all year round.


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