Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists: When it’s Time to Let Your Tree Go

Trees are among the most majestic objects nature has ever created. They enhance your house’s appeal, protect you from the sun’s rays, and provide the oxygen you breathe. There may come a time, however, when the tree will begin to pose a danger to your home and other neighboring houses. In such a case, you might need contact a company like Dependable Lawn Care, LLC. For professional Noblesville tree removal services. Listed below are the areas of a tree where you would to look for signs that may indicate it needs removal:



The tree may stand perfectly upright and its foliage may appear lush, but sometimes, a healthy appearance simply veils a hidden problem. Check its ground roots for signs of decay; you can identify root rot through the presence of large mushrooms that fall at the base. If you notice that there’s a space between some tree roots or if the base makes the tree appear like it’s being ‘balled’ out of the ground, then it can be a sign that the tree is leaning more and more to the point of collapse.


Check for missing bark because that’s usually a sign of fungal infestation. A long crack that stretches the length of a tree may be an indication that it was hit by lightning. If fine sawdust shavings are present that could be a sign insects live within the sick tree’s trunk. If you notice crevices, don’t remove the tree right away. Let an arborist measure its thickness to determine its capability to support the whole tree. As for multi-trunk trees, a U-shaped connection is stronger than a V-shaped one. Trees like these should be supported so they won’t split in case of strong winds.


One of the most obvious signs of a failing tree is dead branches in danger of falling off. You can identify these by spotting dead leaves (or the total absence of them), stripped-off bark, and tight V-shaped connections between the branches. Another sign is pockets of decay that are on the upper side and are completely invisible from below, which only professional arborists can confirm.

Trees can fall anywhere, and Indiana is no exception. If you have trees in your yard, have them examined periodically and call Noblesville lawn care specialists if you spot signs of decay.

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