Noblesville Lawn Care Specialists use Rock or Mulch for Ground Cover

Similar to the debate about whether paper is better than plastic, landscapers are constantly questioning the use of either rocks or wood mulch as ground cover. Noblesville lawn care specialists have their reasons for utilizing either. In an article for, columnist Daniel Kuhl clarifies the uses of both materials for landscaping:

Rock vs. Wood

“The purposes of a ground cover like rock or wood mulch are weed suppression, water retention and aesthetic appeal. Depending on a person’s goals, sustainability and soil conditioning may also be factors that contribute to the decision.”

Rocks that don’t roll over

Rocks or river stones have staying power because they can withstand the elements. This means they are permanent, unless removed. They may cost more than mulch initially, but will turn out cheaper in the long run since they need no replacing.

“Rock ground covers, such as river rock or crushed granite, definitely have staying power. Rock is much more resilient to the elements, which plays into the sustainability. Wind, sun and rain are not going to speed up degradation or displace it like they do with wood mulch.”

Thank you very mulch

On the other hand, mulch does a lot of good for the soil and plant life. However, the annual cost of replacing mulch coupled with the labor involved has proven a deterrent to many homeowners. The plants, however, aren’t complaining.

“Wood mulch, such as shredded cedar or basic mulch, is extremely beneficial to soil and plant material … Wood mulch retains water, provides organic matter to the soil, harbors beneficial microorganisms, and reduces reflective heat.”

When to rock the landscape

Competent landscapers like Dependable Lawn Care, LLC take environmental factors into consideration and the kind of vegetation to be used before deciding which material to use for ground cover. In areas exposed to harsh elements, rocks are the obvious choice since they can’t be moved so easily. In areas close to the home, wood mulch would be Heaven-sent with its freshly-cut wooden scent after a brief downpour.

Whether you decide on stones or mulch for Noblesville gardens, the lawn will come out absolutely stunning and will rock your neighborhood.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Rock vs. wood mulch,, July 29, 2012)

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