Noblesville Lawn Care Tips: Keeping Lawn Moisture at an Ideal Level

Water is essential to keep your lawn at its best condition. Too much or too little of it can harm the grass, causing diseases or poor growth that makes it less likely to thrive in extreme weather conditions. Follow these watering pointers from Noblesville lawn care service providers for your lawn’s optimal health.

Best time to water your lawn.

The best time to water your lawn is between 6-10 AM. There’s less wind and less heat to evaporate the droplets and your lawn has the rest of the day to dry. According to Popular Mechanics, watering your lawn at night exposes it to a range of diseases because water evaporates very slowly and a soaked lawn can be a fungi wonderland. On the other hand, watering during a hot afternoon leads to early water loss, preventing the grass from absorbing adequate water.

Water to appropriate depth.

Moisture should reach 6-8 inches deep. Less than that results to a shallow-rooted lawn prone to premature drying, whereas watering deeper means wasting water as most grass roots don’t grow beyond that range. Check how deep the water penetrates the lawn using a rod. This moves smoothly through the wet soil and stops as it reaches the dry layer. Time your watering and keep the water flow consistent as you try to reach the ideal depth, and use the information as a basis the next time you water your lawn.  To be more accurate, you may opt to use a rain gauge, which you can purchase at nearby garden centers.

Consider split water application.

This creates the best moisture-air relationship necessary to keep the roots healthy. You’ll know your lawn needs watering when you walk on the grass and your footprints are distinguishable. The color, too, changes from vivid green to dull, and grayish blue when it’s completely dried out. Splitting water applications also prevents runoff which happens when you apply water faster than the lawn can absorb it. Let the moisture soak in after 10-15 minutes of watering then water again until you reach 6-8 inches deep.

Use mulch to conserve moisture.

Aside from blocking weed growth, improving your lawn’s aesthetic quality and providing additional nutrients, mulch also helps retain moisture by providing protection from overexposure to heat and regulating your soil’s temperature, thereby preventing rapid water loss. Mulch in Noblesville can be purchased from companies like Dependable Lawn Care LLC. If you don’t have time to apply the mulch yourself, you can also hire professional lawn care service providers to put them in it for you.


(Source: The Smarter Way to Water Your Lawn, Popular Mechanics)

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