Noblesville Tree Removal: Why Have Your Tree Removed from Your Lawn?

A home wouldn’t be complete without a tree that shelters everyone from the heat of the sun while adding beauty to the outdoors and improving the value of a property. However, while the benefits of a tree would certainly outweigh the risks of having it grow outside your lawn, there are times when a tree in your lawn would be more dangerous than beneficial. When considering Noblesville tree removal services for your property, here are some of the reasons that removing a tree is the best choice.

Noblesville Tree Removal Why Have Your Tree Removed from Your Lawn

It’s a Bad Tree Species

Do you have a mulberry or poplar tree on your backyard? Perhaps you might have a willow or even a tree of heaven. Though these trees might sound desirable, your yard is actually better off without them, since these species could only bring more trouble than beauty. These are considered undesirable for your yard since they have weak wood, making them susceptible to frequent breakage of branches and twigs that could litter your lawn. Moreover, these trees have shallow roots, which not only damage your lawn and pavement, but also are vulnerable to diseases and insect infestation.

The Tree Trunk is Damaged

Generally, you don’t need to worry about cracks or seams around the tree’s trunk if the damage makes up less than 25 percent of its circumference; this would gradually heal over time and no permanent damage will occur. However, if you’re seeing not only vertical cracks and seams but also dead branch stubs and other large wounds around the tree’s trunk, or if the tree seems to be hollow from the inside, then you need to go ahead and have it removed. This is because once the strength of the tree’s trunk is compromised, it could become dangerous and at risk of falling down under strong winds.

The Tree is Dead

No one wants to keep a dead tree on the lawn. Not only is it an eyesore on your garden, but it’s also more likely to fall over your house, especially during harsh weather. Moreover, a dead or dying tree can affect your lawn, since tree diseases tend to spread among other plants and flowers in your lawn. More importantly, dead trees attract pests like rats and termites.

 Tree removal is something that shouldn’t be done alone, as doing so would only cause more harm than good. Thus, seeking the help of trusted Noblesville lawn care services offered by companies like Dependable Lawn Care LLC is important not only to have your tree removed, but also to keep your lawn looking desirable.


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