Professional Lawn Care in Noblesville, IN: Form, Function and Safety

Summer is a time when kids love to play outside the house and run back and forth the backyard all day long. As parents residing in Indiana or in other parts of the country, there is nothing you would want than to ensure the safety of your kids even if they are within your home’s premises. Sometimes, though, kids tend to become too carefree for their own good and find themselves unknowingly walking straight into the path of danger.

Summer Long

An article from reminds homeowners of the danger of leaving kids in the presence of equipment like a lawn mower, which could potentially cause injuries to children.

Mowing matters

“While it may seem like just a common household tool, thousands of children are injured in lawn mower accidents each year, some severely.

  • Teach children to never play on or around a lawn mower, even when it is not in use. They should never be permitted to walk alongside, in front of or behind a moving mower.
  • Children under age 6 should be kept inside the home while mowing.”

Tending to your lawn and storing all of your equipment properly is your responsibility, though sometimes, people really just forget. To avoid accidents from happening to your children, hiring a professional who specializes in lawn care in Noblesville, IN might be a good move to consider.

There are several benefits and advantages one may enjoy from hiring a pro to do the lawn care, and one of which is ensuring everybody’s safety. These companies follow strict safety guidelines when doing their tasks, including keeping their equipment far from children’s reach. Covering the aspect of safety is just one side of the coin so you must find a company that delivers remarkable results.

Go for Noblesville, IN landscaping and lawn care companies like Dependable Lawn Care that offer a full line of services. More than basic mowing, you should look for other key services such as trimming of trees, flowerbeds, and grass along driveways and walkways. Moreover, pick a lawn company that also conducts fertilization of plants, decorative rock installations, and landscaping, which you may also find useful.

(Source: “Tips to keep kids safe all summer long,”, May 26, 2014)

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