Quick, Easy, and Effective Tips for Noblesville Lawn Care Enthusiasts

Spring is here and “green is in”. For most Noblesville homeowners, keeping their front yards lush is priority number one. However, while proper lawn care isn’t necessarily an easy job, the effort you have to put it can still be minimized. A short excerpt from a Courier Journal article further supports the previous statement.

“Lawn care takes some dedication and hard work, but there are certain ways to cut down on the amount of effort required to maintain a landscape. By employing a few different shortcuts, you can have a healthy, lush lawn without spending all of your free time cutting the grass or pruning the trees.”

So, what are these lawn care “shortcuts” that the excerpt above speaks of? Here are some of them:

Quick, Easy, and Effective Tips for Noblesville Lawn Care Enthusiasts

Clean up. Do your lawn a favor by cleaning up all the leftover leaves, trash, and all other litter scattered on it. Clearing these up prevents destructive critters like bugs from using them as a breeding ground.

Trim your plants. Give your plants a needed cut. Remember that most trees and shrubs benefit from yearly pruning; which keeps them in shape, gets rid of dead wood, and encourages new growth. Also take note that not all trees and shrubs need early pruning, especially the flowering types. Early pruning might cause sprouting blossoms to die prematurely.

Mow your grass. The winter season causes several adverse effects to any lawn, which is why the latter needs to be mowed, aerated, and fertilized. Now is a great time to look for bare spots and fill them in thru reseeding. Of course, such tasks could take time so you might want to hire a professional from a leading Noblesville lawn care company.

Minimize or eliminate fertilizer, if possible. While fertilizer encourages new plant growth, always remember that anything in excess is bad. If possible, look for products that contain either “natural organic” or “slow-release” ingredients that feed plants evenly and are least likely to pollute the environment.

Water regularly, but with caution. Most homeowners tend to overwater their lawns in an effort to keep them green. In watering, remember this one simple rule: “Water only once a week, but water deep.” Figure out your lawn’s watering needs by taking note of your soil type wherein sandy soil dry out quicker and require more watering than clay soil.

The tips above are simple fixes that you can do on your own, but are still better done by trained professionals. For more effort-guzzling endeavors like tree removal in Noblesville, lawn care and landscaping professionals are there to help. Call up companies like Dependable Lawn Care LLC and see what they can do to help.

(Source: Shortcuts to a Lush Lawn, Courier Journal, April 15, 2014)

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