Reliable Noblesville, Indiana Lawn Care Helps Remedy Your Lawn Woes

Everyone wishes to have a healthy green lawn surrounding their home where they can freely ditch their shoes or slippers and just feel the grass on their bare soles. On the other hand, no one wants to see brown patches on their lawns, or even see dead or dying grass on their otherwise perfectly manicured front lawns, yet sometimes it happens, either because of incorrect care or natural causes. At times, however, it might simply mean your lawn, more particularly your soil, has some problems.


When is it your fault?

Brown patches on your lawn is undeniably an eyesore, but have you asked yourself whether you brought it upon your yard? You might have, especially when you have a dull mower or your mower blade is set too low. Using dull mower blades, or cutting the grass too short, can cause damage and gradual death to the grass on your lawn. To avoid cutting your grass too short or damaging them altogether, you can always turn to Noblesville, Indiana lawn care experts for help.

Chemicals such as gasoline, fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides can also cause damage to your lawn. For one, an incorrectly applied fertilizer or strong insect repellents can burn the grass. At times, however, your pets might be at fault—and dogs are the most common culprits. A dog’s urine contains a high concentration of nitrogen, which burns your grass the way too much fertilizer does, and the spot where your pet relieved himself will eventually appear brown on the center with green on the edges.

When is it NOT your fault?

You’re confident that your lawn mowers are in tip-top shape, your chemicals or your pet dogs safely stowed away from your precious lawn, but you still see those dreaded brown patches. At this point, you might want to check your lawn, particularly if it has an uneven surface (which causes an uneven mowing), or your soil might be of poor quality. You might also want to check whether there are buried debris or the nearby roots of large trees or shrubs are robbing your grass of their water supply and nutrients.

No one wants to look at a patchy lawn as it takes away from the overall charm of the home. If you’re looking to have a healthier and greener lawn, you might want to seek help from Noblesville, IN lawn care service provider, such as Dependable Lawn Care LLC.

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