Mulch & Rock Installation

Mulch & Rock Installation


Sectioning off parts of the yard to make flowerbeds filled with wood chips, decorative rocks, and of course flowers is a very popular landscaping move with many possibilities. Mulch- and rock-filled flowerbeds reduce the amount of grass in your yard while increasing the visual interest, which yields a number of immediate benefits for homeowners.

The most obvious benefit of reducing the amount of grass on your lawn is that you have a smaller area to mow each week. Of course, with our hassle-free lawn care services, you never need to worry about how much time and energy it is going to take to keep up your yard: the answer is none at all! However, rock-filled areas also help protect your flowers from weeds, since no plants can grow in these beds that were not planted there. The result is healthier flowers and grass with less maintenance work required.

Another benefit to these partitioned areas is that they break up the “sea” of grass and make your yard more exciting. Depending on which products you use, these areas can add color that lasts through the winter, with chips of red wood or white stone. They can also create interesting shapes and patterns that cannot be achieved with any other products.

We offer bulk delivery. We also offer full-service installation, which includes preparation and edging of the beds. “Edging” works to effectively to prevent wash out and to give your landscaping a well-defined, finished look, so that the lines between your grass and flower beds stay clean and clear over time.

Reduce Weeds and Increase Visual Interest with our Mulch and Rock Installation

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