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Sometimes the only way to create the perfect lawn is to make sacrifices, which is something the officials of Ackerman Hills Course in West Lafayette, Indiana know too well. According to Purdue Sports, the golf course was closed in October 2014, and will remain so until the spring of 2016, to make way for major renovation works that will turn the property into a suitable venue for championship-level golf games. One of the tasks involved is something that lawn owners everywhere can relate to:


Some tree removal is necessary to ensure suitable sunlight and wind movement needed to grow grass on the course and greens. Those trees that are removed – primarily along McCormick Road – will be replaced, at a ratio of 3:1, by native hardwoods and some conifers.

The scope and scale of the project is so great that even students of Purdue School of Agriculture are lending a hand. While this story is a preview on what occurs when a golf course is renovated, it also gives an idea on the level of care and expertise needed when people wish to maintain their lawns. After all, proper ‘lawn care’ isn’t as simple as pulling out a few weeds and pruning some shrubs. Dependable Lawn Care LLC understands this, which is why they provide top-notch tree removal in Noblesville and other places in Hamilton County, in addition to their standard lawn care services.

Tree removal, in particular, is something that requires professional help. In most cases, trees are removed when they’ve finally succumbed to rot and decay, which means that lawn owners only have to visually inspect the tree to know if they’ll have to get rid of it or not. However, even a healthy tree should also be removed if its roots have extended deep into the property’s water and sewer systems, otherwise the owners will be held accountable for any damage that might occur. Not to mention, trees planted in high traffic areas, like sidewalks, may have to be removed anyway to prevent injuries and deaths from falling branches.

Of course, it’s also possible to solve some of these problems with pruning, though this ultimately depends on the type of tree that lawn owners have to deal with. For instance, apple trees are usually pruned to remove dead or diseased branches and ensure a bountiful harvest at the end of their growing season. However, these trees should also be pruned with the help of Noblesville lawn care companies if they’re producing too much fruit, because overcrowding usually results in smaller apples. Once again, such sacrifices are needed to create the perfect lawn, more so if people need to build the best golf course in Indiana.

(Source: Work to Begin on Ackerman Hills Renovation, Purdue Sports, October 05, 2014)

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