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One of the first things that visitors see of a home is the lawn. What would they see if they looked at yours? As an example, Kristi York Wooten’s article for HGTV Gardens emphasizes how a lawn can be used to present the home owner’s personality to outsiders, giving a house a unique look:

If there’s one place to let your personality shine, it’s the space between the street and the front door. Maybe you’re the low-maintenance type who prefers a trim lawn, boxy hedges and a few petals peeking out beside a neat brick path. Or you’re that matchy-matchy maven whose mid-century ranch begs for a dose of kitsch (plastic flamingos and prickly cacti, anyone?). Whatever your personal style or time investment limitations, design your front yard fearlessly toward a vision that fits the same parameters you set for the design and upkeep of your home itself.

Bring Curb Appeal to Your Front Yard

This is why it is important to have a well-appointed and well-designed lawn to present to outsiders. Professional companies who provide lawn care for Noblesville, IN homes like Dependable Lawn Care, LLC would be able to assist in the effort.

First of all, companies experienced in landscaping for Noblesville, IN lawns will be able to give the best advice on what foundations to build on. It may be traditional to have green grass decorate your lawn, but skilled eyes can recommend alternatives like gravel. They may also suggest planting shrubs and trees to present spots of color in your yard.

Secondly, they can evaluate your home’s curb appeal and enhance it. Property owners like their real estate to increase in value and having an attractive face to present passersby definitely does that. Some changes that they suggest are to trim your unruly shrubs, since out-of-control shrubbery can spread across a yard and make it look disorganized and not maintained.

Finally, they can help with long-term planning. Trees and plants grow and this affects how you should be placing them. The tree you plant today can become a major nuisance in 12 to 15 years. Experienced landscapers would be able to point out such pitfalls and help you plan accordingly.

(Source: Bring Curb Appeal to Your Front Yard, HGTV Gardens)

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