Winning the War against Weed through Noblesville, IN Lawn Care Experts

Plants and flowers aren’t the only ones blooming now that spring is here. Aside from all the gorgeous blossoms and bushes flourishing under the bright rays of the sun, there is also the bane of horticulture enthusiasts silently overtaking lawns: weeds. Lawn owners would want to keep a keen eye out for them as they often invade quickly and spread across areas relentlessly.

Winning the War against Weed Through Noblesville, IN Lawn Care Experts

Barb Larson, a horticulture educator for Kenosha County University of Wisconsin Extension, states how to initially combat the weeds which grow in your lawns:

“Identification is the first step in controlling weeds. Many times lawn weeds are the result of soil problems.”

It makes perfect sense to know which ones to eliminate in your lovely garden so you can make a preemptive strike. Most likely, the weeds in the yard can also bring about pest insects with them so you need to get rid of them to avoid future problems. The article further discusses some more ways to fight the weeds that threaten to invade your lawn during spring and the seasons to come:

Core aeration
Miss Larson reveals that soil compaction often aggravates conditions which encourage weeds to grow on your lawn. You can ask your dependable Noblesville, IN lawn care experts to aerate your lawn by perforating the soil with small holes so air, water, and nutrients can seep through the grass roots. Doing so aids the roots in producing more vibrant green grass and healthier plants. Aerate during the growing season when the grass can easily heal, and fill in any open areas after soil plugs are removed.

Organic herbicides
Applying herbicides and preventers can control and stop weed seeds from spreading. Also choose eco-friendly yard care products to treat the weeds hounding your lawn. Check out farmer supply stores for vinegars, which contain higher percentages of acetic acid. Be careful, though, as several application can make the soil acidic. You can also pour boiling water on, and scald every pesky weed in your way.

Now that grass growth is at an all-time high, you may need to mow more often, about every four or five days. Use the one-third rule, wherein you remove not more than a third of the total height of the grass. If it’s too much work for you, you can seek the assistance of professionals who are experienced and knowledgeable about lawn care in Noblesville, Indiana. They can maintain a regular mowing schedule and ensure an abundantly green lawn by putting clippings for more organic matter on the soil.

(Source: Weed invades compacted lawn, Kenosha News)

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